Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why I don't recommend Pagna't Saka Travel guide (Mt. Pulag)

 I always wanted to go and see Mt. Pulag and yes, did some research and Google always suggest Pagna't Saka for the Mt. Pulag adventure. With all the high 5 rating and good reviews, jumped in and reserved a slot with them for our March 2015 climb. Below are the reasons why I don't recommend them.

 Problem 1. Lousy customer service:

10:00 AM till 5:00 PM: A day before the climb, keep calling them but all I got was voice prompt generated answer from network operator saying not in service or out of coverage area. So instinct, naloko na. Na scam ako? Panic set in.

Solution: Since lahat ng contact info di ma kontact, we decided to go to the office at 10 Ferguson Road. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise -THERE IS NO PAGNA'T SAKA OFFICE in the address they gave sa website. The Land Lady told us it doesn't exist and we are the 2nd group asking about the travel agency. Other address was at Melvin Jones? Melvin Jones Grandstand? Naloko na
MY GOD! SCAMMER! ring, ring, ring

Trying to be hopeful, I tried calling again around 6-ish using other number not mine -Oh boy, Alfa (owner) picked up saying they are in Sagada and just need to proceed to the rendezvous place and someone will contact me by 4AM or 3AM.

So fine I got an answer after trying for the nth times.

Also, they are so quick in answering if you are going to join and asking for the bank info for the payment, a bonus? whahahah. Other than that, None, most of my text are unanswered.

Problem 2. They leave us hanging and they are nowhere to be found even a representative from them, as in NONE.

The 1 who handled the trip was B.O.T not Pagna't Saka. The guide told us if the DENR asked us about the name of agency use B.O.T and not Pagna't Saka. WTF! Parang pinagpasapasahan lang kami. Dawud and Alfa are in Sagada both of them. Gee, why not 1 of them joined us cos we signed up for them but then again, dahil konti lang kami, hindi kami mahalaga. They don't want returning customers and referrals.

Problem 3. Package A (All in) What?

Not true, never avail the complete package because we end up paying for the tent. 1 headlight was provided for the 3 of us. My Gosh, we all availed the complete package..Damn! All the equipments are not satisfactory. Manipis na sleeping bag, tent are what? hays buhay.

Problem 4. Rude, rude, rude Alfa.

Lunch at the BOT house and he told us that we are going to stay in his house and not in Camp 2. Why? Only 150 persons are allowed to camp in Camp 2. Somebody called up Alfa and asked for explanation. We are all hungry, tired and whatnot.

Phone conversation:

Camper1: Scammer pla kayo.. I'll file a complain sa pulis.

ALFA: Sure go to the pulis. Gusto mo samahan pa kita mag pa blotter.

The nerve ng babae, so is this a syndicated scam? Tapang nya.

My Opinion:

Madami pang magandang tour agency na pwde ninyo salihan but not with this kind of treatment. We all paid everything cash and kakalungkot lang, me mga tao parin ganito. The cycle will continue. If they communicate to us and handled us well, or told us changed of plans.. Okay lang sana but Surpise tlg kmi. These people all cared about sinong madaming participant and money.

I am not against those people rating them 5, its your opinion and experience and these are mine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ate Yas' cheap homestay at Baguio (worth it)

Just completed my trip to the summer capital of the Philippines last March 05-11, 2015 and boy, lots of experience that will always be treasured. It's my 1st time in the city of pines. So indeed, was quite thrilled to experience the cold breeze. Let's talk about where do we hit the night for snooze. Glad, I stumbled after reading some blog looking for cheap and homey stay in Baguio.

Ate Yas' homestay: Located near the Lourdes Grotto or to be exact its in Lourdes Subdivision. I'd give this a 5-star cos they are so hospitable and the basement where we stayed are superb plus its the coldest part of the house. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


The Basement


3 bedrooms with 1 bedroom having double deck. So I think it can cater 10persons max.

Price: 350 per head.

Verdict: We are all satisfied and happy. We will surely come back

Contact Ate Yas at 0742441432 or 0915-993-2508 or 0917-783-3252