Friday, December 12, 2014

Levanta con No Te Vayas De Zamboanga City ( Stand up n Do not leave ZC)

OMG! My last entry was like 2 years ago. Wow, so long. Now lang namulat uli sa blogging. After that Siege last September 09, 2013 and the Yolanda in November..ang daming happenings. I was blogging about Rio Hondo in 2012 and currently its under renovation along with Sta. Catalina, Lustre, Sta. Barbara where intense fighting took place between the MNLF and the troops.

The IDP's or the Internally Displaced People are sheltered temporarily in Grandstand (Sports Complex) and some other sheltered areas throughout Zamboanga City namely: Taluksangay, Rio Hondo Elementary School, Tulungatung, and other areas that I can't remember.

The local government are trying hard to meet deadline for this IDP's to go back to their respected homes but as of this time, there are only few housing project finished but well, its a great start already. Kudos to all Zamboanguenos for getting back on track. Let just be 1, not divided but as 1 as a Filipino! Good vibes, Bismillah and Via Con Dios!

Some rally by the IDP's last 12/10/14

I am hoping that all the help, the money will go to the project intended and again kudos to all of us. It's not rocket science but we take it slowly but surely Zamboanga City!!

P.S. credit to the owner of the last 2pics (Muhtadz Arip)