Monday, January 23, 2012

Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City.

Hi, my name is Jarm and I am currently living in Zamboanga City, Philippines. A place of colorful cultures, stories to tell and hell, news maker to the world. This blog aims to just maybe share my experience living and loving the city where I grew up. I was born and raised here in Zamboanga, 29 years ago.

Currently I am working as a private Physical Therapist, virtual assistant, online transcriber, translator and a wanna be editor. I was born in Rio Hondo, Zamboanga City. The word came from the Spanish  Rio means river and Hondo means deep. But actually, I did not see any river at all as far as I can remember. But the oldies said it was a river before.

Rio Hondo is sub divided into 3 barangays namely Campu Muslim, Rio Hondo and Brgy. Mariki. Majority of the population here are Tausog, Iyakan, Samal, Badjao and are from Jolo Sulu, Basilan or Tawi Tawi origin. This is a Muslim Community.

It has 2 public elementary school, the Mariki Elementary School and the Rio Hondo Elementary School. Islamic Institute of the Philippines is the only private school around the area which cater both English and Arabic curriculum. Situated also is one of the 2 state colleges in Zamboanga city, the Zamboanga State Colleges of Marine Sciences and Technology where I finished my high school  and the historical landmark, The Fort Pilar which is located nearby.

Above are some pictures of me and my siblings and a friend at our home in Campu Muslim..

                                                       Grade 1 class pic at Rio Hondo Elementary School(1989)

 Pictures of the said baranggay will be uploaded soon. I am still gathering some old pictures.


  • Visit this unique area with a local friend who knows the area very well preferably day time around 3:30
  • I suggest you walk from downtown rather than take a jeepney or tricycle. I think it will only take you 5 minutes to reach this place.
  • Bring a camera
  • See Barangay Mariki and talk to the local.
  • Eat PASTIL ( discuss later) - highly recommended
  • Gained insight of how local Muslim lives in this area.
  • Walk through the bridge of Mariki
  • Check ZSCMST campus
  • No night time visit
  •  You can hear lots of stories but to sum it up, take it from me the place is worth visiting as long as your guide is very well verse to this side of community.
  • The place is bit dirty and the houses are cramped together and the passage way are narrowed.

                2/5 - recommended for people who wants to know the other side of Zamboanga  City.


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Check some of the pictures from this website. I will try to upload a new and original photo of the place soon.